ap biology protein synthesis essay rubric

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Removes the introns and connects (splices) the exons in RNA. Codons. Codes for amino acids/signals. Ribosomes. RNA → protein or site of protein synthesis. tRNA. Transports amino acids. (b) Cells regulate both protein synthesis and protein activity. Discuss TWO specific mechanisms of protein regulation in eukaryotic
(a) Describe the role of THREE of the following in the regulation of protein synthesis: • RNA splicing. • repressor proteins. • methylation. • siRNA. (3 points maximum). Description (1 point per box). RNA splicing. • Exons spliced together. • Introns removed. • snRNPs/spliceosomes help remove introns. Repressor proteins.
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This bundled unit is a great AP biology resource for DNA replication and protein synthesis. All resources ... 5) DNA Replication Essay and Rubric can be used as homework or as an in-class writing exercise. The rubric provides plenty of extra points to help students develop confidence with the essay process. 6)Protein
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c. relationship to protein synthesis. 1960: Discuss the gene, with regard to structure, duplication, mutation, and nature of action. RUBRICS DNA QUESTION 1974: L. PETERSON/AP BIOLOGY Describe protein synthesis in terms of molecular structures of the nucleic acids and, using a specific example, explain how a new
Ā, 1-26-15 essay questions. View, Jan 26, 2015, 6:33 AM, Staff.Jeffry Stiles. Ċ, Adaptation ... Jeffry Stiles. ć, AP Bio gene regulation aka protein synthesis.ppt. View Download, 9668k, v. 1, Feb 24, 2015, 6:37 AM ... 1, Jan 14, 2015, 1:37 PM, Staff.Jeffry Stiles. ĉ, A.P. Biology Diffusion Lab Rubric.docx. View Download, 99k, v.

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